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Love captured. Breath caught.

In All, Greece, Travel on February 14, 2013 at 9:08 am

Love captured.

Galloping. White. Vehement. In the wildest place in Greece.

  1. incredible photo. Is it original or where did you get it.

  2. It’s very befitting Vanlentine’s Day…

  3. Ah.. Happy Valentines Day from the Castle of the Muses to the House of Literature ! x Heres a poem of mine to celebrate this day !


    You’re the one who,
    When you have to ride
    Somewhere, would prefer
    To go on a donkey.

    You’re the one for whom
    Your lovers would make
    A garden and in the middle
    Plant a special flower,
    Amidst the souls and soils,
    An unforgettable perfume.

    Also, you’re the one
    For whom poems
    Come in dreams,
    Unfurling like banners,
    From a staff of waking sleepfullness.

    You’re the one who can
    Save the situation
    Between all these religious quarrels,
    With your actual ecstasy
    Calling them all to remember.

    You’re the one who lives inside us
    And yet beyond us, into whom
    Our souls die and then get
    Gifted back, miraculously.

    You’re the one who demands everything,
    And gives nothing back in return.
    And then demands nothing,
    And gives everything.

    You’re the one with the fruit,
    And the wines,
    You’re the one hiding out in the vines;
    You’re the one who harvests
    The luscious liquid liquor of knowing…

    You’re the One.

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