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50 shades of sea on a grey day.

In All, Zakynthos / Zante on February 15, 2013 at 8:23 am

50 shades of sea.

Kambi. Zakynthos. Greece.

I can’t recall another winter that fuelled so many thoughts of summer.

It’s not that I usually enjoy winter, but I do respect its occupation. Winter is dignified. Elegant. Ergonomic. Metallic.

Winter loves its work.

Summer is indecent. Uncoordinated. Pyrotechnic. Fluorescent.

Summer loves itself.

I long for the vanity of summer.

  1. Μένω άφωνη σε τέτοια θέα. Τα λόγια φτωχά ή και περιττά! Το μεγαλείο της Φύσης και η Ομορφιά απλά δείχνουν την κατεύθυνση της Ψυχής, δεν μπορούν να αποδείξουν και με το ζόρι περιγράφουν…. Η σιωπή είναι γιά μένα ο πιό κατάλληλος σχολιασμός τέτοιας ομορφιάς!

  2. “The vanity of summer”—I love that line. Very nice.


  4. mademoiselle stamiri, you must be a poet, or a painter. You write with color and paint with words.
    Elona Tamar

  5. As a winter lover I felt it wrong to look at it as “dignified, ergonomic, metallic. Loves its work.”
    But then I thought wall-e was those things too, so it felt right.

    Wonderful blog by the way!
    I also visited Sarakino’s page and I wouldn’t think of a lovelier place to stay for vacation. Hope its doors are always open!

    • Thank you for visiting both the blog and Sarakino, who’s doors are open to all who wish to stay there!
      I love it that you made a wall-e connection, how delightful! I’m also smitten with your blog on bookbinding and I find your work truly inspired & impeccable, I’d love to showcase it in one of my next blog entries with your permission. Please keep on making those masterpieces!

      • “I’d love to showcase it in one of my next blog entries with your permission”
        Of course you have my permission, that would be lovely!
        Also, thank you very much for your kind words about my work! It is really special to receive this kind of appreciation from a person who has such a deep and creative (Sarakino…) relation with books.

        PS- I have a small “idea” that popped to mind when I read about Sarakino. If you’d like to hear it please drop me a mail, I’d do it but you don’t have some form of contact information posted. It’s no big deal really but I think you’d like it!

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